Our Equity Investment Strategy

Invest in Global-Growth Businesses-We believe that over time, owning high-quality growth businesses is the essential building block of long-term wealth creation. As such, the main focus of our investment research is to identify companies with sustainable, above average earnings growth and a unique business franchise. These businesses are leaders in their industry, with a clear mission and value-added focus. Furthermore, we manage our client's portfolios - and ours - with a true long term perspective, as our portfolio turnover averages are generally less than 20%, per year.

This, we believe allows our clients to be positioned for an above average return with below average risk. This is our only goal.

A Commitment to Research - The main focus of our investment research is to identify companies with a product or products that will provide future earnings growth of 10-25% per year. We are product oriented and conduct intensive fundamental research to find superior investment opportunities.

We seek high quality, well managed growth companies that possess the following characteristics:

  • Product Dominance - Basic, simple products. Companies with a focused objective and a proven record of success.
  • Highly profitable business
    • High Return on Equity (ROE)
    • Strong Balance Sheets
    • Consistent, above average earnings growth; companies that are highly profitable and growing, regardless of the overall economic conditions.
  • A multi-national presence; in this respect J.W. Burns & Company seeks companies expanding into the ever shrinking world, offering products and services growing in demand and market share internationally.
  • Highly regarded competent management team.
  • Look to purchase at favorable prices.

J.W. Burns & Company believes that securities with these characteristics should produce superior long term results.

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